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A 'Uniquely Different' Collectible
100% handcrafted in Singapore.

Inspired by Florence's iconic artwork, 'Uniquely Different', the FLORENCE X Jewels range of Rock Sugar Stirrers are exquisite handcrafted art glass pieces that combine artistries of glass and traditional rock sugar making.

Whether it is tea, coffee, sparkling water or cocktails that you are sweetening, each gem, with its individual shape and facets, is truly unique just like you. Naturally crystallized, these rock sugar are healthier, lightly sweetening without overpowering your beverages. Reusable as drink stirrers or cocktail picks even after the sugar is dissolved, each gem is truly precious and one of a kind.

FLORENCE X Jewels rock sugar stirrers is a collaboration between Florence Ng and Jewels, an innovation by Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory, Singapore’s only rock sugar manufacturer since 1947.


This item is part of the ‘Uniquely Different’ Collection, which consists of a range of novel artistic objects resulting from cross-industry collaborations that are all inspired by the artist’s iconic artwork titled ‘Uniquely Different’.

Now available in gift sets of 2 and 5, perfect for cosying up or starting a party!

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Crafted by Hand


First, large blocks of glass were broken into small pieces and flaked to create varying facets in each piece.

Each was then individually grinded on a polishing wheel to remove sharp edges.

Finally, each piece had a hole drilled into it before being attached to the metal stem.

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